600g (21oz) Framing Hammer

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Maximise your hammer strike with the 600g (21oz) Framing Hammer (GEN 2) from HART. Forged as one solid piece of steel that runs through a durable grip, you have high control – with a grip 5 times better than conventional molding bars. And with an optimised Strikezone, you get the strongest hit with minimised glancing blows.

The design is also optimised for quick and clean nail removals. With 3 nail slots, you’re equipped for extracting even the toughest nails. While the rip claw allows for quick applications with minimal wood damage, the 180° side nail pull is ready for deeply embedded nails. You can find the HART 600g (21oz) Framing Hammer GEN 2 at your local Bunnings today.

  • One piece forged construction and grip
  • Optimised Strikezone location
  • 180° side nail pull design
  • 3 nail slots to remove tough nails