680g (1.5lb) Fibrecore Rubber Mallet – White

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The HART 680g Rubber Mallet is close to indestructible. Its through-head design prevents the head from separating from the handle. The durable fibreglass handle is split-proof and its built-in overstrike protection prevents it from breaking.

This black rubber mallet is designed to maximise energy transfer to the striking head, so you can get the job finished with fewer strikes. An ergonomic TPR groove grip makes the mallet more comfortable to hold while helping you align your grip for better control and striking power.
The redesigned handle features a gradual I-beam to replicate forged steel handles and reduce vibrations.

Find this HART rubber mallet exclusively at Bunnings.

  • Through-head design keeps the head secure and maximises energy transfer
  • Split-proof fibreglass handle won’t break
  • Built-in overstrike protection
  • Ergonomic TPR grip increases user comfort
  • Updated handle shape replicates forged steel handles with anti-vibe structures