8m Tape Measure

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The HART Tape Measure is ideal for taking measurements on steel-framed houses. The double magnetic hook with mounting rivets provides a firm grip on steel studs and pipes.

True-zero measurement provides precision on both the inside and outside of the blade, and the Class II markings are easy to read. Nylon coating ensures these markings remain highly visible over time.

The slow-down brake protects your finger from snapback during blade retraction. And the rubber overmould casing stops the tape measure from slipping on roofs and other sloped surfaces.

  • Double magnetic hook holds steel studs and pipes (great for top-, bottom- and face-latching)
  • True-zero measurement provides great accuracy on inside and outside of the blade
  • Slow-down brake protects your finger during blade retraction
  • Rubber overmould casing prevents sliding on sloped surfaces